Workshop on Typological Databases

MPI EVA, Leipzig, 2 April 2007    (Seminar Room, 4th Floor)

This workshop will give us a chance to discuss current practice and ideas for the future of typological databases. The idea is not to have formal talks, but just short introductions by the representatives of various projects followed by in-depth discussion and brainstorming, of the sort that is not possible in more formal settings.

Topics will include:
– technology (software, interoperability)
– distribution of types of information
– ways of dividing the labour
– towards standardization
– how to publish databases (quickly/permanently)
– how to cite databases, how to give credit to database authors

Click on each title below to learn more about the project. If all of us look at these materials before the workshop, the quality of the discussion will be even higher.

9.00 Welcome

9.02 BURS: The Berlin-Utrecht Reciprocals Survey (database design) (Dimitriadis)

10.00 BURS: The Berlin-Utrecht Reciprocals Survey (elicitation, data fields) (Hanke)
          (+ Typological Database of Intensifiers and Reflexives ?)

11.00 short break

11.15 A social layer for typological databases (Cysouw)

11.45 The APiCS database (Michaelis & Haspelmath)

12.45 lunch break

14.00 The Autotyp database (Bickel, Witzlack, Siegmund, Zakharko)

15.00 The Lancaster/Amsterdam database (Bakker & Siewierska)

16.00 short break

16.15 The Ditransitive database (Haspelmath & Malchukov)

17.15 Typological Database System (Dimitriadis)

          More discussion

18.00 End