I use genetic analyses to address questions on the evolution of humans and other primates, particularly the great apes. I began my career working on the evolution of mitochondrial DNA in human populations. At the MPI-EVA, I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with field researchers studying primate social behavior. Topics we work on in my lab range may sometimes focus on the level of individual social groups, such as examining the affects of kinship on the social behavior of pairs of individuals. Other studies use genotyping of entire primate populations to infer dispersal behavior and group social dynamics. Recently I have become interested in using large-scale sequencing approaches for understanding the long-term histories of primate populations and seeing the effects of high variance in male reproductive success on patterns of genomic variation. For current projects check the Molecular Genetics Laboratory and here is my list of publications and CV.

Linda Vigilant
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6, Leipzig D04103, Germany
Phone: 49-341-3550-222
Fax: 49-341-3550-299
Email: vigilant image eva.mpg.de