1-1.45              Marian Klamer (Universiteit Leiden): “TBA”

1.45-2.15         Gary Holton (Alaska Native Language Center): “The emergence of stative-active systems in North Halmahera, Indonesia”

2.15-2.45         Naomi Tsukida (Aichi Prefectural University): “Split intransivity in Seediq and in Amis


– Coffee/tea break –



3.15-4.00         Johanna Nichols (University of California, Berkeley): “TBA”

4.00-4.30         Gontzal Aldai (University of the Basque Country): “From (more) ergative case-marking to (more) active case-marking:

                                    The case of historical Basque”

4.30-5.00         Thomas Wier (University of Chicago): “(Non)antipassivization and Case Marking in Georgian”


5.00-6.00         General discussion and responses






9.30-10.15       Marianne Mithun (University of California, Santa Barbara): “TBA”

10.15-10.45     Pedro Gutierrez & Roberto Zavala (CIESAS-Sureste): “Three alignment subsystems in Chol, a Mayan language”


– Coffee/tea break –


11.15-11.45     Enrique L. Palancar (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro): “Otomi Split Intransitivity and other related constructions

11.45-12.15     Michael Swanton (Research School CNWS, Leiden University): ”Semantic motivations of Otlaltepec Popoloca split intransitivity”


12.15-1.00       General discussion and responses


– Lunch –


2.30-3.00         Tania Granadillo (University of Arizona): “Argument structure in Kuripako: stative-active type”

3.00-3.30         Swintha Danielsen (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen): “The active/stative split of verbs in Baure (Arawak) ”

3.30-4.00         Maura Velazquez-Castillo (Colorado State University): “Voice and Inversion in Paraguayan Guarani


– Coffee/tea break –                        


4.30-5.00         Mary S. Linn (University of Oklahoma): “Stative-Active Systems: A Look at 3rd Subjects”

5.00-5.30         Johannes Helmbrecht (Universität Erfurt): “Aspects of Hocak (Winnebago) syntax”

5.30-6.00         Regina Pustet (University of Munich) & David Rood (University of Colorado): “Argument suppression in Lakhota


6.00-7.00         General discussion and responses


– Dinner –







9.30-10.00       Edward J. Vajda (Western Washington University): “Active alignment and morphological transitivity”

10.00-10.30     Søren Wichmann (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology): Parameters of event- vs. participant-orientation


– Coffee/tea break –                        


11.00-11.30     Andrej Malchukov (Radboud University Nijmegen): “Split intransitives, experiencer objects and 'transimpersonal' constructions:

                                    (re-)establishing the connection”

11.30-12.00     Peter Arkadiev (Russian Academy of Sciences): “Thematic Proto-Properties and Argument Encoding in the Active-Stative Languages“


12.00-1.00       General discussion and responses


– Lunch –


2.30-3.15         Mark Donohue (University of Singapore): “TBA”

3.15-3.30         Introduction to panel discussion

3.30-5.00         Panel discussion


– Farewell reception –